What is “Our Nuclear Future”?

“Our Nuclear Future” is a blog about my thoughts for the future and (largely) nuclear power. It hope that it will act as a canvas for us to collectively imagine and discuss the ideal civilisation of the future and what it will contain, both technological and sociological. One I hope, with technology that is today seen as controversial: nuclear power, genetic engineering and psychedelic research, to name a few. I hope to demystify and destigmatize some of these topics for you and if you don’t enjoy it, then I’ll have learned more anyway, so I can’t really lose here.

Currently I’m unsure what direction this blog will take, although it’s safe to say that nuclear power, both fission and fusion, will be a large part of it. I hope to unravel why nuclear power is still perceived in such a negative way and to break down some of the complexities and science around it for you – hopefully in an understandable and interesting way!

If you feel compelled to live in a world that is better in the future then it is today then I believe this blog is for you. Whether your ideal future is a filled with interstellar travel, gene edited humans and a fortnightly trip to the local psilocybin centre, or is a socialist utopia where all animals are equally equal and people no longer work, spending their UBI on organic smoothies (or is a mix of the two!) we’re all servants to the obstinate direction of entropy, so we may as well walk the path together.

I could write for hours about the advantages of nuclear research – its use in reducing the spread of infectious disease, improving the environmental sustainability of agriculture, enhancing water security and much more – but for the sake of a brief first post I will close with this: I hope that through this blog you can discover interesting topics, challenge your beliefs about nuclear power and become excited about the possibilities of the future.

Have a nice day 🙂

My name is James and I’m aspiring to work on the realisation of commercial fusion energy – an extremely exciting and challenging method of generating limitless carbon-free energy. I’m currently in my final year of a materials engineering degree at the University of Exeter and afterwards hope to study a MSc in Nuclear Fusion Science. I live by the coast and go sea swimming nearly every day.

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