Why renewables suck – Part 1

The Problems with Renewables It is a widely accepted fact that human caused climate change is occurring. Humanity’s endless thirst for energy is causing a rapid increase in the parts-per-million of CO2 in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming, biodiversity loss, rising sea levels and myriad other pretty undesirable things to be happening on theContinue reading “Why renewables suck – Part 1”

Who’s afraid of Big, Bad Nuclear Power?

Historically, nuclear power has had bad press. The Chernobyl disaster, Three Mile Island accident and Fukushima-Daichi accident are infamous and tragic. Thousands of lives were affected and they illustrate the danger that nuclear power poses. No rational, ethical human could support their use. We have to stop using these monstrosities before they cause further devastation,Continue reading “Who’s afraid of Big, Bad Nuclear Power?”

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